• Health

    Without health, happiness is not possible
    (V. Belinsky)

  • Beauty

    Health is the only beauty I know
    (H. Heine)

  • Nutrition

    Thou shouldst eat to live, not live to eat

  • Physical activity

    Life is movement

  • Home

    Happy is one who happy at his home
    (L. Tolstoy)


Dear media representatives: journalists, photographers, cameramen and editors!

FAREXPO company and "Healthy lifestyle" team would like to thank you for your interest to our event and recommend you to apply for accreditation in advance. Please, complete a Journalist Accreditation Form and return it at public@farexpo.ru

Accredited journalists get a badge marked "Press", the press release and others information materials as well as the opportunity to visit the exhibition every day of its work. If you are interested in interviews with organizers or participants, please, complete a corresponding field in the Accreditation Form.

Accreditation is given under condition that the subject of publication corresponds to exhibition programme. At the end of the exhibition, journalists are supposed to provide FAREXPO PR department with copies of published material (articles, stories, photos).

Media representatives who get accreditation and do not follow mentioned conditions could later be denied in accreditation to further FAREXPO events.

In case of further questions regarding the work of journalists and photographers during the "Healthy lifestyle" exhibition, please contact FAREXPO PR-manager Elena Vinogradova: tel. (812) 777-04-07 (ext. 614)

For accreditation, please download and fill in the accreditation form: download.