• Health

    Without health, happiness is not possible
    (V. Belinsky)

  • Beauty

    Health is the only beauty I know
    (H. Heine)

  • Nutrition

    Thou shouldst eat to live, not live to eat

  • Physical activity

    Life is movement

  • Home

    Happy is one who happy at his home
    (L. Tolstoy)

You take care of your health, you want to keep your beauty and activity for many years, you appreciate your life in all its demonstrations?

The exhibition "Healthy Lifestyle" will help you to find the right solution.

The exhibition "Healthy Lifestyle" offers you:

  • Goods and services for improving the health and raising the standard of living
  • Cosmetics and herbal medicines
  • Sports goods and goods for outdoor activities
  • Eco-friendly and organic products
  • Sports and dietetic nutrition

More than 100 Russian and foreign companies will provide their goods and services during the exhibition.

To the International exhibition Healthy Lifestyle


All exhibition days:

  • Presentations of health, beauty and youth programmes from the leading experts of health, medical and rehabilitation centers, spa and fitness centers
  • Presentations of goods / services from exhibiting companies
  • Demonstrations and master classes from the leading trainers of yoga, fitness, bodybuilding